1. In January 2013, Φ292mm multi billet heating furnace was finished and delivery to the brand name aluminum company XING FA.

2. Totally in 2013, we sold more than 20 million to the North East Asia and Middle East market, including heating furnace, double puller, handling system and aging oven.


Foshan Nanhai Dynamax Industry Engineering Co., Ltd was established in 2006. She is one of China's pioneer supplies of aluminum extrusion equipment. She specialized in manufacture single billet heating furnace, multi-billet furnace, hot log shear, single puller, double puller, extrusion handling system, cooling table, aging furnace, online quenching system, extrusion die oven and so on.

Dynamax good quality and excellent service gains a big market both in and out. Many brand name extrusion companies choose us, cooperate with us will bring you energy saving, high capacity!